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Who We Work With

  • Owners looking for help to increase revenue and profits
  • Senior figure knowing succession is a key issue but can’t execute for family reasons
  • Trusted advisor who wants to help but does not provide services in those areas
  • Minority owner who wants liquidity
  • Dissatisfied owner who wants to sell but can’t get the desired price

Our Articles

Choices and Consequences

Background Many years ago, a CEO inherited a major New England distribution company from his father. The company had a good location and capitalized on emerging industry trends. The father also created several other companies in diverse industries as he was the entrepreneur of the family. When he died, through a series of family deaths […]

Loss or Reinvention

This past Thanksgiving was at my childhood home in Connecticut. My father lives there. He built the house over 60 years ago and he is not leaving anytime soon. He is in his 90’s and he knows every part of the house, by heart. Nothing has changed over the years. It doesn’t need to. Things […]




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